How It Works

First go to our DNA Art Gallery and pick your portraitGo to our DNA Art Gallery and choose the canvas portrait that is perfect for you!  If you are unsure if the colors will match your home or office decor, don't worry!  We will send you a sample of your product with your DNA Collection Kit.  If it isn't perfect, just contact us and we will send you all the samples in your gallery to help you chose.  

The DNA Collection Kit process for your DNA ArtNext just wait a couple days for your DNA Collection Kit to arrive in the mail.  Our easy-to-use kit includes instructions on how to swab your cheeks for the DNA sample that make your unique canvas art, two swabs to ensure we obtain a proper sample, a canvas sample of the product you purchased, and an enclosed return envelope to send us back your sample. 

The DNA extraction process for your DNA ArtThe last step is to find your unique DNA fingerprint.  First, we extract your DNA from the swab and suspend the sample in a liquid buffer. This extracted DNA is then added to a PCR cocktail or "master mix". Your sample is then placed into a thermo cycler for amplification. This is the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) stage of the process, where the DNA goes through 35-40 cycles of denaturation, annealing, and elongation.  We then will add restriction enzymes to your sample.   While everyone's DNA is truly unique, everyone's DNA will cut at different sites. Since the order or sequence of those bases in DNA is known, chemicals known as restriction enzymes have been developed as "DNA Clippers" that seek out those spots in your DNA that differs from person-to-person.  Next, we begin gel electrophoresis.  During this process we load the DNA into an agarose gel and run a current through the DNA samples. Because DNA is polar, the fragments are attracted to the negative terminal of the machine.  This step creates the unique "bands" seen in our DNA Artwork.  These "bands" are actually amplified "chunks" of different sized DNA fragments in the gel.  We now get to capture the image of your DNA.  Since we add a special dye to the agarose gel, we are able to see the gel fluoresce under a transilluminator (basically a UV light) and capture the image.

Our DNA Collection Kit

Our DNA Collection Kit is easy-to-use! It comes with instructions, 2 swabs, consent form, return envelope, and signature card.  Return the signature card ONLY if you want to autograph the bottom right corner of your canvas.

DNA Collection Kit

Our Patent Pending Process

Worried about Privacy?

DNA portraits from DNA Art Gallery LLC have no forensic, medical, or genetic information.  While we do target specific genes, we are not able to provide or decipher any information other than creating a beautiful and unique portrait for you!  

We never share your DNA with others and we discard all DNA samples shortly after delivery of your artwork. In addition, we send you a bar code with your swabs in your DNA Collection Kit, and that is how we associate your sample in our database.

Protecting your privacy is very important to us. We never share your personal information with others. We only use your email address to communicate with you regarding your DNA art purchase.  We hate spam and do not have any promotions setup via email.  If you are interested in promotional offer, just google us...we usually have some promotional code available somewhere.