DNA Art Pet Portrait Collection Fine Art Gallery! 

DNA Portraits made from your furry companion's DNA fingerprint.  You have the option to upload a photo of your beloved pet when you choose your canvas style.  We send swabs in the Pet DNA Collection Kit to obtain your companion's DNA sample.

Get your Furry Companion's DNA as Art – Dog Portraits, Cat Portraits, or Horse Portraits!

Recently Lost Your Pet? If you are dealing with the death of your loyal pet, grief may feel overwhelming. The love and companionship they have given your makes them a true member of the family. You may want a way to remember your beloved furry friend. For those dealing with such a loss, we offer DNA Collection Kits with a tiny adhesive lint roller. Just roll on their fur a couple times to get a good sample of their hair and send back in the enclosed envelope. This option does cost a little more since the lab procedure to digest the DNA from the hair sample is a bit more extensive.

Turn your Pet's Biology into Art with Pet DNA Portraits!