Personalized Unique Abstract Artwork

What we do is create personalized unique abstract artwork from the unique variations in your DNA. Our patent pending process is what makes these genetic portraits truly unique. Not only is each art piece a unique illustration of your genetic profile, but each column includes traits that make you who you are, such as your love, success, happiness, creativity, IQ, faithfulness, and self-control. This is done by using additional custom PCR primers that target specific genes when creating your DNA Profile. For those interested in learning about the specific genes we target and scientific research articles that support the correlation between these traits, please visit my Lab Process page.

How it works is we send out a DNA Collection Kit with easy-to-use instructions on how to collect DNA with a buccal swab, this basically collects DNA from the saliva in your mouth. After receiving and processing the DNA sample, we then transpose the image to a canvas or digital file using photo editing software. To learn more about the DNA collection process, go to our DNA Collection Kit page.

This process begins by isolating the DNA from the buccal swab. Primers and restriction enzymes are added to the DNA solution using a modified version of AFLP technique. This step basically uses molecular “scissors” to cleave the DNA at precise locations. Since we are looking at a small amount of DNA at this point, we need to augment sample size using a technique called PCR. In short, this technique uses thermal cycling to amplify the DNA sample by taking it through a series of denaturation, annealing, and elongation steps. Now we have generated thousands of copies of particular DNA sequences and are ready for separation of the DNA using gel electrophoresis. During this step the DNA sample is placed in a porous, sponge-like matrix, and an electric current is ran through to separate the different sized fragments. The larger, bulkier fragments move through the matrix slower than the smaller DNA fragments. The DNA sample is now separated by size, creating an artistic illustration of your unique DNA Fingerprint. 

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