Newborn Portraits Unique DNA Art Trending this August

DNA Art Gallery has noticed a trending interest in the Newborn Portraits collection last month.  So we looked into it, and it seems August often wins the title as the month when most babies are born.  Our newborn collection makes it easy to select the perfect personalized baby gifts for the precious bundles of joy in your life.  By getting our newborn portraits, you receive the most unique and personalized portrait for your baby.  The art in the newborn’s portrait is designed by your little ones unique DNA fingerprint.  We then artistically overlay your newborn’s portrait for added personalization.  The DNA as Art Portrait Bundle includes:

  • Your choice of canvas size
  • Framing option for the home
  • Digital file for computer/phone backgrounds
  • 4x6 high-resolution print in acrylic frame for the office
  • 8x10 high-resolution acrylic frame for the baby room

A gift wrapped DNA Newborn Collection Kit is one unexpected baby shower gift that is sheer genius.  With babies’ constant drool, they make the perfect candidate for our artwork.  Parents are constantly trying to wipe up baby drool.  Just open the easy-to-use kit, pull out the swab and catch some of that slimy baby drool.  Easy as that! 

Carry around your babies DNA portrait on your phone background, desktop background, office desk, baby room...essentially everywhere.  Use coupon code FALL16TAKE30 during checkout and get 30% off all DNA Art Products.

Newborn Portrait DNA Art

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