How To Turn Your DNA Fingerprint into Art

DNA Art Creation DNA Art Gallery LLC is the only art company that creates abstract style DNA portraits.

We have blended the traditional DNA fingerprint RFLP analysis technique with our pending-patent process that uses primers to target genes associated with behaviors & emotions.

We have received lots of questions on our process and how genes are associated with behaviors & emotions. Here is a high-level overview for some, and possibly a molecular biology review for others.
Genes are long stretches of DNA and the genes themselves do not produce a behavior or emotion. Instead, they code for the neurotransmitters, hormones, and proteins that produce these behaviors, emotions, or thoughts. Neurotransmitters transfer electrical information from neuron to neuron through chemical signaling. Hormones, released by hormone-secreting cells into the bloodstream, affect cell function by binding to target cell receptors. Our methods for producing DNA Portrait using gene targeting to illustrate these traits is patent pending and the methodology was created in our lab. We have researched scientific articles to determine which genes are associated with certain behaviors or emotions.

​A detailed description with links to these articles can be found at

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