DNA Art is a Perfect mix of Biology and Art.  Perfect unique gift featured in some of the world's top academic journals, such as Nature Journal.


DNA Portraits Are the Best Customizable Original Gifts for Artsy People from Individual's Unique DNA Profile.

Genes in DNA Art



Choose from large canvas sizes, framing option, digital download & overlay a photo. DNA Art is the best unique & personalized gift! Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries. Learn more about the targeted genes, or review supporting documentation & scientific research articles, view our interactive presentation at How It Works!


We are the ONLY company with a patent pending process to create genetic artwork with custom PCR primers that target genes associated with Happiness, Love, IQ and more!

Newborn Portrait CollectionNow Offering Newborn Baby Artwork! With Gene Targeting to create the Baby's Genetic Fingerprint - You can Catch a Glimpse of Love, Happiness, and Creativity Your Bundle of Joy will Bring. This Makes an Incredibly Unique & Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift! 
Pet Portraits


Interested in Pet Portraits? Get your companion’s genetic fingerprint as art – for your beloved Dog, Cat, or Horse.  Pick the style you want in our Fine Art Pet Portrait Collection.

Recently Lost Your Pet? If you are dealing with the death of your loyal pet, grief may feel overwhelming.  The love and companionship they have given your makes them a true member of the family.  You may want a way to remember your beloved furry friend.

Combined Couple Portraits integrate the DNA Portraits of two individuals into one canvas, making this collection perfect unique gift for weddings or custom anniversary gifts.